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Although ownership claims are internationally maintained by the von Ingenheim Family, the vast majority of the Ingenheim Collection has not been re-emerged. A number of the lost paintings have been found again in public institutions in Russia and Poland, but it was not possible to return them to their rightful owners to date. However, successful restitution cases in Western parts of the world give hope. The family is confident that more artworks will resurface in the years to come and maybe be restituted.

A successful restitution case is the painting ”Waterfall in Tivoli” by Johann Martin von Rohden. The painting was commissioned by Count Gustav-Adolf von Ingenheim himself around 1809. At the end of World War II in 1945, it was on loan to the Silesian Museum of Arts in Wroclaw. In 1953 it was given to Germany as a gift of friendship by the Polish State. The painting found its place in the Old National Gallery in Berlin. In 2004, 15 years after the German reunification it was restituted and eventually acquired by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (“Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz”).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have information about any of the lost artworks.


*Johann Martin von Rohden - Waterfall in Tivoli | Old National Gallery Berlin

Lost Artworks

Extract - full list upon request 

Lost Art-ID





Maria with child and angels

Sandro Botticelli (workshop of)

1500 AD

H: 125 cm W: 125 cm 

Sandro Botticelli

Madonna with child Jesus

1500 AD

H: 111 cm W: 108 cm

Leonardo da Vinci (attributed to)

Head of Christ in profile

1500 AD

H: 31 cm W: 24 cm 

Andrea del Sarto

Judith, sword-wielding at Holofernes


H: 94,2 cm W: 47 cm 

Giovanni Baronzio

The crucifixion of the Lord 

1362 AD

H: 125,6 cm W: 78,4 cm 

Agnolo Bronzino

Princess with string of pearls in her hair

1520/1572 AD

H: 47 cm W: 39 cm 

Bernado Belloto

View of Marcus Square

1485/1750 AD

H: 68 cm W: 104 cm 

Franz Ludwig Catel

The caves of Posilippo



Jacobo da Empoli (Jacopo Chimenti)

Family picture of a Venetian family

1500 AD

H: 162 cm W: 121 cm 

Diamante di Feo (Fra Diamante)

Adoration and crucifixion

1430/1492 AD

H: 45 cm W: 52 cm 

Andrea di Cione Orcagna

Holy Trinity

1500/1530 AD


Joseph Anton Koch

Landscape with Grindelwald glacier

1800 AD

H: 89 cm W: 123 cm 

Lorenzo Lippi

Tobias and Archangel Rafael

1645 AD

H: 80 cm W: 106 cm 

Sebastiano del Piombo

Flagellation of Christ

1485/1547 AD

H: 83 cm W: 65 cm 

Nicolas Poussin

The flood

1593/1665 AD

H: 94 cm W: 172 cm 

Giovanni Santi

Lamentation of Christ

15484 AD

H: 166 cm W: 153 cm 


Portrait of a man in black robe

1500 AD

H: 78 cm W: 62 cm 

Lodovico Mazzolino

The circumcision of the Lord

1500/1600 AD

H: 47 cm W: 31 cm 

The Descent of Christ from the Cross


H: 44 cm W: 31 cm 


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